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Did you know?

Global warming

increases the risk of farm fires!

On average

annually 7 out of 100 harvesters will start a fire!


are facing hundreds of fild fires every year!

Dry crop

ignites very fast!

A traditional fire

extinguisher is not effective enough!

It may take 40

minutes for the fire department to arrive!

The financial damage caused by these fires reaches

We know the answer!
FIELDS FIREMAN extinguisher system!

  • The first real solution
  • Easy to adapt to all kinds of tractors
  • User friendly
  • Provides safety all day, every day
  • Reaches the fire in 1-2 minutes
  • Huge tank: can contain 650 liters of water
  • Long hose: 20 meters for reaching farther without moving the tractor.
  • Right water pressure for 16 minutes for longer usage.
  • All-year-long benefits
  • Tested since 2015

From spring to autumn:

  • Wash mud off of the machine before leaving the field.
  • Remove dirt from the streets.
  • Balance the tractor with extra front weight.

Safety comes first!

A field fire spreads fast, dry crop ignites within seconds after the first flame! Not only do the machine and the harvest is in danger, but human lives are also at great risk if the fire is not put out as fast as possible!

Fields Fireman is always in „ready to use” state!

No more waiting for help, no more unexpected fire, no more danger because of broke down extinguishers! Fields Fireman is a trustworthy sytem which is always ready to protect your property from the flames!

Easy to adapt and to use!

Fields Fireman is not an overcoplicated system. You don’t need additional staff for the operation or for installing it to your machines! The easier the better!

Don’t wait for the fire department, minimize financial loss!

By starting the fire destinguishing in time, the machine and huge amount of the crop can be saved! Waiting for services to arrive means losing hundreds of dollars in every second!

Stay Prepared all year long!

Use Fields Fireman in every machine to prevent farm fire damages! Reliable help will be right there when you need it to solve the problem before it gets out of control!

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What speaks for us?


5 years of research and development, exclusive production and distribution rights for ILANT Ltd.


Hungarian and international patent protection


Official fire-fighting equipment approved by the National Directorate-General for Disaster Management.

Fields Fireman

FIELDS FIREMAN H1-650 is a multipurpose fire extinguisher mounted on an agricultural tractor. The primary purpose of the extinguishing equipment is to effectively control fire in the course of agricultural work in good time. The extinguishing equipment is a three-point, suspended-on machine which can be mounted on the front or rear drawbar of agricultural tractors.

FIELDS FIREMAN H1-650 Extinguishing System Parts:

The support frame is a steel structure that serves essentially to attach to the tractor, secures the water storage tank and the drive. As the Fire Extinguisher was designed for continuous use, it was an important consideration during the design to ensure that the support structure was as robust as possible, withstands long-lasting, increased stress, vibration and other major mechanical influences. The lower link points on the back of the bracket allow the FIELDS FIREMAN H1-650 Extinguisher to be attached to the lower link of the tractor and then secure the top link to the third link of the tractor. There are four feet at the bottom of the base frame. Above the base is the cradle where the tank is located. Starting from the cradle, two bent steel straps also help secure the container. Also starting from the base part, the bent support structure in the middle part thereof serves for the three-point attachment.

A cylindrical, hot-dip galvanized steel tank, 700 mm in diameter, is used for storing or transporting water. At the top of the tank there is a STORZ C filling nozzle through which the tank can be filled with water. In addition, there is an air vent through the top of the tank. The opening at the bottom of the tank has a bayonet hose connector with a stopper that is suitable for both filling and emptying the tank. On the right side of the tank there is a transparent plastic hose, the water level indicator tube, which defines the tank in a semicircle.

The central gear unit is a unit consisting of a hydraulic motor and a water pump connected to it. With the help of a control valve, the amount of water and the pressure of the water can be regulated.

A 20 m D25 shaped fire-retardant fire hose is attached to the tank and has a variable spray jet in accordance with D25 EN 671. In the transport position, the hose is wound on the container, which is secured to the container with 4 hose clamps. In use, the rubber straps can be removed in one step and the hose can be unwound.

Patent Protected. Patent owner: Fields Fireman Projekt Kft.

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